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Diaspo #325 : Noor Ben Yessef, embracing two cultures and finding her voice in journalism

Noor Ben Yessef is a Moroccan journalist, who works as a tv presenter and reporter for Antena 3 in Spain. Born in Sevilla to a Moroccan father and a Spanish mother, she finds strength in her diverse background.

Noor Ben Yessef. / Ph. DR
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Noor Ben Yessef's story resonates with the beauty of cultural fusion. Born in Seville, Spain, to a Moroccan father and Spanish mother, she embodies the richness of diverse heritage.

Growing up between flamenco-filled streets and visits to her Tetouani family, Noor navigated two worlds with ease, finding comfort in both. «In Spain, I had a wonderful childhood», she reflects, «growing up between two cultures is the greatest personal enrichment I could have».

Noor's parents met through a mutual friend, their love story bridging the distance between Andalusia and Tetouan. Her father, an artist from the northern city, pursued his studies in Seville, while her mother, a native of Salamanca, relocated due to her grandfather's work. In the vibrant city of Seville, their paths intertwined, leading to love and marriage. Theirs was a union that transcended borders, paving the way for Noor's bicultural upbringing.

This connection to both cultures wasn't just geographical; it ran deep within the family. Annual trips to Tetouan fostered a strong bond with her Moroccan roots. «We traveled every year to Morocco», Noor recalls. This constant connection became her personal anchor, a safe space within her heritage. «It makes me feel at home wherever I live», she explains, «Sevillanos and Tetouanis are brothers, we have so much in common».

Noor's father, an artist, undoubtedly influenced her early pursuits. She dabbled in art during high school, even working as a model to support herself. While she enjoyed art, something deeper resonated within her. Witnessing her father's artistic journey, she remembers, «I liked it, but nothing more than an entertaining experience».

Finding her voice in journalism

However, Noor was driven by a desire to help others, much like her brother, a doctor who traveled the world providing medical aid. But the sight of blood deterred her from that path. It was through a friend that the world of journalism opened up to her. «I discovered journalism and immediately fell in love with its meaning», she shares. «Communication resonated with me, and I knew I could help people in another way».

Determined to pursue this newfound passion, Noor enrolled in journalism studies at the University of Seville. Later, she expanded her knowledge with a master's degree in TV communication in Madrid. With a clear vision and unwavering dedication, she seized an internship opportunity at Antena 3, a prominent Spanish television channel. Her talent and dedication were recognized, and she was soon hired as an editor and TV presenter for the morning news.

«I'm so happy and grateful for the opportunity that Antena 3 has given me from day one», she expresses with pride. Since 2019, each morning, Noor has been delivering the news to viewers, informing them as they begin their day.

But her ambitions extend beyond her current role. Noor harbors a desire to learn Arabic, the language of her ancestors. «Two years ago, I studied digital marketing, and now I'm learning Arabic», she reveals, «in the future, I would love to collaborate with Arab media».

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