Hashish dealers in Morocco «boycott Israeli smugglers» in support of Palestinians

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Hashish dealers in Morocco have reportedly been boycotting Israeli smugglers in protest of the ongoing war on Gaza, according to Israeli media reports from Friday.

«Tens of millions of shekels» were reportedly lost due to the alleged boycott, according to a report by Israeli channel N12.

«The hashish dealers in Morocco are not willing to sell us more hashish either directly or through intermediaries», a drug smuggler from Israel told N12. «They decided that because of the war, they are boycotting us. Since the war, we have lost a lot of money. Tens of millions of shekels at least».

A Moroccan dealer from the Rif region, known for its hashish production, confirmed the boycott to N12.

«Why is it possible for Israelis to make a living selling Moroccan hashish when our Palestinian brothers are suffering from hunger and living in inhumane conditions?» he asked N12.

«Go buy it somewhere else. We no longer sell hashish to Israelis»,  he argued. «Before the war, we did business here with Israelis. Smugglers and dealers came here and made good money. Now that's the end of it», he told the Israeli channel.

Since the start of the war on Gaza in October 2023, thousands of Moroccans have taken to the streets to denounce the situation and express support for Palestinians.

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