A new march in Morocco for Gaza ceasefire

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On Sunday, February 11th, tens of thousands of demonstrators poured onto the streets of Rabat, demanding an immediate and lasting ceasefire in Palestine. This national march, coinciding with the 123rd day of bombing in Gaza, saw participation from diverse political, union, and associative groups. They stood in solidarity with Palestinians and protested against the Israeli offensive.

Since October 7, 2023, the Gaza Strip has faced a siege, adding to its blockade since 2007. This includes water, electricity, fuel, and healthcare cuts, along with telecommunication network access difficulties. As of last Saturday, the Gaza health authority estimated 28,064 people killed (including women and children) and 67,611 injured due to Israeli attacks. These figures are believed to be underreported, considering civilian disappearances amidst rubble clearance challenges.

Thousands of families have been forcibly displaced within Gaza, even as its entirety remains targeted by Israeli bombings. Against this backdrop, Rabat's march participants urged the Moroccan government to end normalization with Israel. A declaration of solidarity was signed, rejecting diplomatic relations between Rabat and Tel Aviv and emphasizing popular support for Palestinian human rights.

This march echoes global demonstrations for Palestine across the West and the Arab region. Notably, on January 26th, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ordered Israel to immediately guarantee non-violation of the Genocide Convention in response to a case brought by South Africa regarding Gaza. While demanding expanded aid delivery, the ICJ stopped short of mandating a ceasefire. Citing the worsening humanitarian situation, the ICJ requested a monthly report from Israel on compliance with its order. Morocco welcomed this verdict the following day.

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