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Algerian-born man with alleged Moroccan descent to prophet Mohamed sparks controversy in Malaysia

An Algerian citizen claiming to be a Moroccan descendant of the Prophet Mohamed, established a religious sect in preparation for the end of the world. The Malaysian authorities intervened and announced that they were reportedly monitoring him and his followers.

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An Algerian citizen named Mohamed Amin Ouradj, nicknamed «Mawla Amin», sparked controversy in Malaysia months ago by establishing a religious sect and claiming to be a Moroccan descendant of the Prophet Mohamed.

Following an increase in his supporters, security authorities in Malaysia have announced that they were reportedly monitoring him and his followers. Muhammad Naeem bin Mukhtar, Malaysian Minister for Religious Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Office, commented that fanaticism and extremism in any form endanger individuals and society. He emphasized that his ministry is following media reports from February 20, 2024, concerning the «exploitation of the sacred lineage of the Prophet».

«The Prime Minister's Department (Religious Affairs), through the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim), will closely cooperate with Islamic religious authorities, especially state Islamic Religious Departments, and the police to investigate the revelations made in the media», he said in a statement published earlier in February.

Minister Mukhtar stressed that his ministry will not tolerate any party attempting to exploit religion for personal or collective gain. He advised everyone to always consult with state Islamic religious departments regarding preacher accreditation to ensure conveyed messages align with Islamic teachings.

He added that «all parties are requested to adhere to the balance of knowledge, facts, and refrain from religious fanaticism and extremism».

An Algerian and Moroccan descendant of the Prophet Mohamed

The Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported in a document shared to social media that Mohamed Amin Ouradj, 40, is not a «Moroccan citizen, despite marrying a Moroccan woman in 2014». The document also alleged that he «has no affiliation to the noble Idrisi lineage».

Mohammad Fahmi Ngah, Chairman of the Islamic and Cultural Innovation Committee in Selangor State, urged Muslims not to be misled by individuals claiming to be descendants of the Prophet Mohamed.

Ngah further emphasized that the Selangor government will not tolerate individuals raising doubts and spreading misinformation among Muslims. He stated cooperation with the police and the Immigration Department to prevent such individuals from entering the state.

State executive councillor Mohd Shahzihan also revealed that investigations showed a school in Selangor might have hosted the preacher during his visit last year.

The director of an Islamic school in Selangor is indeed facing charges for promoting «Mawla Amin», illegally collecting public funds, and attempting to establish a sect in preparation for the end of the world.

Mohamed Amin Ouradj disputes claims

Following recent reports questioning his claims, Mohamed Amin Oradj Al-Hassani provided a response. In an email sent on Wednesday to Yabiladi, the man stated that he was a Moroccan citizen and provided a copy of a national identification card, reportedly showing his birth in Algeria in 1982.

Additionally, he provided a certificate purportedly confirming his Moroccan nationality, Muslim faith, and attendance at a Fez elementary school.

The same source also claimed he was of honorable lineage and provided a certificate from the «Union of Honorable Alawites» asserting his affiliation to the Al-Bayt Al-Sharif family. He further denied reports of his arrest and provided pictures, claimed to be from February 25, showing him at the shrine of Moulay Abdel Salam Ben Mechich in Larache province. Additional pictures depict him in the shrine of Moulay Idriss in Fez, surrounded by individuals described as his followers.

It was further stated that he has been visiting Morocco and «many countries for years», engaging in various activities and enjoying a «positive reputation domestically and internationally». These claims were made prior to what he referred to as a «heinous, malicious, and false campaign» against him.

He emphasized that the reported correspondence attributed to the Malaysian and Moroccan media, claiming confirmation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he is not Moroccan and has no connection to the noble lineage, would allegedly be fake and not authentic.

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