Casablanca’s oldest slum Carrieres centrales to become the city’s largest park

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Casablanca's oldest slum, Carrieres centrales, will be converted to the city's largest park, state-owned TV channel 2M reported on Sunday.

The announcement was made by Councilor Karim El-Klaybi, the first VP of the Ain Sebaa district, who said that the local development company Casablanca Baia has received approval for the Grand Park project.

The company will be designing and studying plans to turn the 33-hectare land into a hub that includes green areas, recreational facilities, and cultural attractions, 2M added.

El-Klaybi said that this park will also shed light on the history of the neighborhood and the historical legacy of Carrieres centrales.

For the record, people who lived in Carrieres centrales were rehoused in the Al Omran project in Lahraouyine commune.

It is worth mentioning that Carrieres Centrales was designed in the 1950s by architects Georges Candillis, Shadrach Woods, and Alexis Josic. The neighborhood provided simple housing for the city's workers.

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