Morocco unveils logo of Cannabis products, exports first ever legal cargo

The logo used for cannabis products in Morocco. / Ph. Moroccan official bulletin
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Morocco has unveiled the logo that legal products obtained from the processing of cannabis in Morocco must bear.

The logo consists of the emblematic cannabis leaf in green in the middle of a Morocco-inspired shape in red, symbolizing the colors of the Moroccan flag, according to images published in the Moroccan Official bulletin on April the 1st. 

The logo comes as Morocco has recently exported its first legal cannabis lot abroad. According to information compiled by Medias24, two cooperative farms authorised by the Agence nationale de réglementation des activités relatives au cannabis (ANRAC), the regulator supervising the harvesting and sale of legal cannabis and byproducts in the Kingdom, have exported 3 kg of cannabis resin.

This small cargo, duly and legally authorized, was just a test shipment coordinated by ANRAC to determine export logistics. The merchandise will be used for healthcare industries in Switzerland or for food supplement industries in Europe according to well-informed sources quoted by Medias24.

For the record, the first harvest of legal cannabis in 2023, under the aegis of ANRAC, was estimated at 294 tons.

On May 26, 2021, the Moroccan parliament voted to legalize the use of cannabis for medical, as well as cosmetic and industrial purposes.

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