Dutch-Moroccan influencer barred from leaving Morocco after controversial blind dating show

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A Dutch-Moroccan TikTok influencer is currently not allowed to leave Morocco after participating in an online dating show, according to national Dutch broadcaster NOS on Thursday.

NOS, quoting regional broadcaster Rijnmond who spoke to the 20-year-old, reports that the show involved choosing a date based on his clothing. The YouTube show, which premiered last week, sparked controversy in Morocco. Many found the concept degrading to men and criticized the participant's outfit.

Days after the first episode's release, police launched an investigation into potential offenses of compromising public morals and inciting public indecency through information systems.

The woman told Rijnmond that she was stopped by customs at the airport on her way back to the Netherlands. «They told me I had to report to the nearest police station for questioning regarding an ongoing investigation», she said.

Currently staying in a rented apartment, the influencer expressed shock at the controversy and the criminal investigation. «I was just asked to participate in the show and showed what clothes I would wear», explained the TikTokker, who is followed by half a million on social media.

«I understand how my clothing choice and letting my dog choose a date might be offensive», she said. «It wasn't my intention – it was meant to be fun. I respect Moroccan norms and values, even though my style might not reflect that. I wouldn't have participated if I knew this would happen», she added.

The influencer later posted a video apology on social media, addressing offended Moroccan viewers. She clarified her outfit, explaining it was a skort, not a short skirt. She also mentioned being raised in Europe, where such attire is considered «normal».

The video has now garnered over two million views.

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