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Tourism sector thrives with government support

During its first half, the government's Ministry of Tourism, Artisanal Industry, Social Economy and Solidarity (MTSIS) achieved significant progress across several sectors.

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The Ministry of Tourism, Artisanal Industry and Social and Solidarity Economy has demonstrably bolstered the tourism sector over the past 30 months. By injecting 2 billion dirhams into the industry, they've supported nearly 800 hotel establishments across Morocco and provided monthly compensation to tourism sector workers.

This proactive government support came during a critical time. As the tourism sector sought to regain its footing after the global health crisis, the government implemented a new roadmap for 2023-2026. This roadmap focused on developing Morocco's tourism brand through initiatives like attracting over 30 new airlines and increasing seat capacity by 22% compared to 2022. Collaborative efforts with stakeholders aim to position Morocco among the top 15 global tourist destinations by 2030.

These efforts have yielded impressive results. 2023 marked a record year for tourist arrivals, with a staggering 34% increase compared to 2022, reaching 14.5 million visitors. This surge in tourism translated into significant revenue generation, with a 12% increase to 105 billion dirhams compared to 2022. The positive trend continued in 2024, with 2.1 million tourists arriving between January and February, reflecting a 14% year-on-year increase.

Artisanal industry and social solidarity economy is growing

The Ministry has also focused on bolstering the traditional industry sector. For the first time in 2022, traditional industry exports surpassed the 1 billion dirham threshold, with a goal of reaching 2 billion dirhams by 2026.

The government has taken steps to enhance the sector's competitiveness and support artisans. This includes the creation of the National Register of Traditional Artisans, currently encompassing 395,000 artisans, and the universalization of the AMO compulsory health coverage system for over 641,000 artisans and their families.

Social and solidarity economy : Empowering communities

The Ministry recognizes the importance of the social and solidarity economy in creating jobs. With an ambitious target of creating 50,000 jobs annually, the Ministry is actively strengthening capacities through training courses in various areas like legislation, cooperative management, and marketing. In 2023, they delivered 480 training courses and supported the establishment of 353 new cooperatives.

Marketing initiatives haven't been overlooked either. The Ministry organized national, regional, and mobile markets, facilitating participation for cooperatives in international exhibitions. Additionally, efforts are underway to protect Moroccan products as UNESCO heritage. In 2023, six crafts received this distinction, and more are planned for 2024.

These initiatives by the Ministry of Tourism, Traditional Industry and Social and Solidarity Economy demonstrate a commitment to propelling various sectors forward. The positive results in tourism and the focus on traditional industries and social programs bode well for Morocco's future.

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