Morocco pushes for agricultural innovation and sustainability at Kenya fertilizer summit

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Morocco's Foreign Minister, Nasser Bourita, led the country's delegation to a fertilizer and soil health summit in Kenya yesterday. During the event, he presented a series of proposals aimed at bolstering Africa's agricultural sector.

Bourita's vision centers on creating an «African Consortium for Innovation in Agriculture». This body would coordinate efforts to improve fertilizer use and soil health across the continent, facilitating technology sharing and joint development of incentive policies.

The Minister also advocated for a «Pan-African Training and Certification Programme in Soil Management». This framework, implemented through regional training centers and pan-African certification, would elevate soil management standards and promote sustainable practices.

Recognizing the need for infrastructure investment, Bourita proposed a «Green Agricultural Infrastructure Financing Initiative». This initiative would support the development of sustainable agricultural infrastructure, including a fund for eco-friendly irrigation projects and incentives for private investment in environmentally sound technologies.

Finally, the Minister called for the establishment of an «African observatory for soil data and analysis» under the African Union.

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