Morocco's medical cannabis market could reach 6.3 billion dirhams by 2028

Mohamed El Bouhamdi, head of the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Innovation (FMIIP). / Ph. DR
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On Friday, May 17, the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Innovation (FMIIP) held a workshop exploring the medicinal and pharmaceutical potential of cannabis.

Chaired by Mohamed El Bouhamdi, the event highlighted the economic opportunities in this sector. Medical cannabis «could generate an annual market value of 4.2 to 6.3 billion dirhams by 2028, if Morocco captures a 10-15% share of the European market», El Bouhamdi told Le360.

His statements reflect the collaborative efforts of Moroccan authorities, including the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis Activities (ANRAC) and the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy (DMP), alongside industry professionals. Together, they developed regulations for registering cannabis-based products, paving the way for wider use of its medicinal properties.

El Bouhamdi emphasized that «Law no. 13-21 on the legal use of cannabis for medicinal purposes represents a real opportunity to develop investment in this activity and improve the livelihoods of those involved in cannabis cultivation». Adopted in July 2021, this legislation allows licensed cultivation, processing, and sale of cannabis, opening up new prospects for both the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors.

The workshop discussed the diverse applications of cannabis, highlighting its potential as a growth driver for various industries beyond medicine. These include construction, cosmetics, food processing, eco-friendly textiles, paper, and chemicals. In a context of limited raw materials, cannabis could play a crucial role in stimulating growth across these sectors.

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