Lebanon : Arab nationalist parties boycott Polisario conference

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Many Arab parties attending a session of the Arab National Congress in Beirut did not attend the Polisario Front's conference. However, representatives were present from these parties. The Arab National Congress is a political umbrella organization for pan-Arab ideology movements, and this particular session focused on the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Seizing this opportunity, the Polisario invited all attendees in Beirut to its conference. However, only Lebanon, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, and Syria accepted.

Notably, representatives from Mauritania, a country that recognizes the so-called «SADR», and Tunisia boycotted the event. The conference was held in a hotel within Hezbollah's stronghold in Beirut's southern suburbs, an area beyond the control of the Lebanese central government.

The Polisario conference, held in Beirut on Thursday, June 5th, had the controversial theme: «From Western Sahara to Palestine, the genocide continues». Lebanon, for the record, supports Morocco's territorial integrity, a position reaffirmed by Foreign Minister Abdallah Rashid Bouhabib in a recent phone call with the Moroccan ambassador in Beirut.

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