Moroccan student commits suicide after cheating incident

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A high school student in Safi committed suicide after being caught cheating in the national baccalaureate exam.

Ahmed Karimi, Director of the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) in Marrakech-Safi, told Le360 newspaper that the girl jumped off the Amouni cliff on the Safi corniche shortly after being caught cheating.

He added that the student initially entered the exam center and began the Arabic language test like her classmates. However, the humanities student, caught cheating, left the examination hall in great distress.

Ahmed Karimi clarified that the deceased «committed suicide after being caught cheating, not due to expulsion as some social media claim».

Before her tragic act, the deceased recorded a voice message to her family, which was later shared to social media. In the recording, she said, «Forgive me all and pray for my mercy», before crying. «They kicked me out of the exam for cheating and said I couldn't take any other subjects. I won't be alive», she said in despair.

This tragedy is not an isolated incident. The immense pressure to succeed in the baccalaureate exam has driven some students to take drastic measures.

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