Belgian-Moroccan kickboxer Jamal Ben Saddik arrested for kidnapping and assault

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Belgian authorities have arrested 33-year-old former world kickboxing champion Jamal Ben Saddik as part of an investigation into a kidnapping and assault.

Local media reports confirm that the Antwerp-born boxer is in jail after allegedly ordering the kidnapping and assault of a dock worker at the port of Antwerp. The worker reportedly accepted an advance payment to extract a shipment of cocaine but failed to do so. Consequently, the criminal gang kidnapped and beat him.

Chris Loix, Ben Saddik’s lawyer, stated that it is still unclear what role his client played in the case. The Antwerp prosecutor's office has not yet commented on the matter.

Last March, Belgian police arrested Ben Saddik on suspicion of belonging to a criminal organization and distributing Sky ECC phones, devices commonly used by criminals for encrypted messaging, often to facilitate drug imports or plan assassinations. Two weeks ago, a court in Antwerp sentenced him to forty months in prison and a €40,000 fine for money laundering and fraud.

Additionally, last May, the Glory Martial Arts Organization suspended Ben Saddik for six months for storming the ring on March 9, 2024, after the fight between Moroccan Nabil Khashab and Rico Verhoeven. He attempted to confront the Dutch champion, who had won the fight. The organization accused him of inciting violence and posing a potential threat to participants and officials.

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