PJD calls for early legislative elections in Morocco, inspired by France

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The PJD is calling for early parliamentary elections, a stance expressed by Abdellah Bouanou, president of the party's deputies, on Monday, July 8. In his speech at the opening of the PJD's weekly deputies' meeting, Bouanou emphasized that this call is «not based on any partisan logic and is not meant to create confusion within the government, but rather as an exercise in democracy».

Bouanou defended his proposal by citing examples from the UK and France, where a loss of public confidence led to early legislative elections. He argued that the Akhannouch government «is managing national affairs without the trust of citizens and has made significant errors, resulting in economic and social crises», particularly highlighting «the collapse of Moroccans' purchasing power due to high inflation».

He also mentioned that «Israel's brutal aggression against Gaza has influenced the outcomes of early elections in the UK and France», and welcomed «the defeat of the parties that supported Israel» in those countries.

In February 2022, the PJD Secretary General had called on King Mohammed VI «to organize early elections, as was done in 2011». These remarks were made in response to a social media campaign at the time, demanding the dismissal of Aziz Akhannouch.

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