«Sahara Escobar» : The Oriental Regional Council elects successor to Abdenbi Bioui

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The Oriental Regional Council elected a new president on Tuesday, July 9. Mohamed Bouarourou, also from the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), succeeded Abdenbi Bioui, who is being prosecuted for drug trafficking as part of the «Sahara Escobar» case.

Bouarourou's bid to replace Bioui received 44 votes, while the opposition did not present any candidates at the voting session chaired by the governor of Berkane. In his new position, Bouarourou will be assisted by Omar Hjira of the Istiqlal Party as first vice-president, and Alaa Berkaoui of the RNI, who has inherited the second vice-presidency. The composition of the bureau of the Oriental Council remains in the hands of the government majority parties (RNI, PAM, and Istiqlal).

For the record, the wali of Oujda had invited the elected representatives concerned with the election of a new president of this major local authority to submit their candidacies to succeed Abdenbi Bioui from June 27 to July 1.

The Casablanca Prefectural Council is also preparing, in the coming days, to elect a new president to replace Said Naciri, who is also being held in custody as part of the «Sahara Escobar» case.

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