After Bachir Sayed, a Polisario official warns of Front's potential collapse

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In the Tindouf camps, Bashir Mustapha Sayed's warning about the «disappearance of the Polisario Front» was echoed by another senior official, Oubi Bachir. Claiming to be the Front's representative in Switzerland, Oubi Bachir expressed his concern on X about the «problems observed» within the Polisario, which he described as «multiplying in a worrying way» and serving as «a precious gift for the propaganda of the Moroccan occupation».

He acknowledged that these issues «sow doubt, including among our friends, about our real ability to establish an independent state (...) that offers all the guarantees». He emphasized that the recurring problems «affect the national project» and threaten «national cohesion internally» while impacting «the positions of the great powers» externally on the Western Sahara issue. Bachir referred to the almost daily demonstrations by the tribes and the prevailing security chaos in the camps.

The timing of these statements is significant: «Bashir Mustapha Sayed and Oubi Bachir, along with Mohamed Ibrahim Biadillah, former coordinator of the Polisario's armed militias, had asked the Algerian authorities last May to end Brahim Ghali's mandate», a source told Yabiladi. The source added that the three had explained in a letter that «Brahim Ghali was no longer the right man for the job».

A few weeks after this letter, Sayed and Bachir initiated their plan «to save the Polisario project from extinction». Their public statements are already sparking debate among Saharawis on social media. Notably, the three signatories of the letter belong to the Rguibates tribe, the main group in the camps.

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