The half-Moroccan Dutch candidate who fights to win the Netherlands elections

Jesse Klaver, leader of the Green Green Left dutch party
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The Netherland is witnessing tomorrow Wednesday a big political day during which ,Greet Wilders; the anti-Muslim politician is going to face his half- Moroccan Dutch rival Jesse Klaver. Jesse leader of the Green Left, a new left-wing party, is campaigning for social equality and radical environmental change in the Netherland.

The young candidate, as described by The Telegraph newspaper wants his Netherland back, an expressive statement that foreshadows Klaver’s aim to fight anti-Muslim thoughts. On the other hand, Wilders the far-right candidate has recently described some Moroccans as “scum”.

Wednesday’s elections will begin Europe’s year of political reckoning as other countries like France and Germany are going through elections too. And as other European politicians Wilders is attacking immigration and making nationalistic calls to preserve distinct local culture.

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