Morocco: Sound Energy sees gas in Tendrara well

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Sound Energy upstream Gas Company has observed gas shows in the TE-8 well in the Tendrara drill located in the eastern regions of Morocco. The company has told investors that they have encountered gas shows onshore whilst drilling the TE-8 well.

The information was published in the company’s website this morning (Wednesday), along with the statement of the company’s general meeting that reveales: “The Company is pleased to confirm the presence of a TAGI sand sequence, commencing at a measured depth of 2.643 meters, and the presence of gas showed in the TAGI sands.”

Furthermore, the company’s general meeting statement also indicates that “the gas shows, although a positive initial indication; shouldn’t be considered conclusive without further wireline logging and analysis”.

The (TE-8) is the company’s third well that was first spud on February the 19th this year and followed the recent success of the company’s first two Tendrara well (TE-6 and TE-7). The drilling of the (TE-8) well holds the objective of proving up significant additional volumes in the TAGI ( Trias Argilo-Gréseux I nférieur) reservoir and drilling deeper into the Paleozoic information.

Known for its expertise in the field of oil exploration, Sound Energy is an African and European upstream gas company that is focused on permitting, funding and then delivering a Mediterranean and gas focused drill programme. The company has an oriented team across Milan and Rabat and has operated in in all of Tendrara, Sidi Moktar and Meridja.

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