Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila to perform in Casablanca and Rabat

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Known as creative and alternative the young Lebanese Rock band Mashrou’ Leila will visit Morocco for a mini-tour in Rabat and Casablanca. The five-member band is scheduled to perform on the 21t of March at the Renaissance cinema in Rabat and on the 22d of the same month at Casablanca Studio des Arts Vivants.

Lead by Hamed Sinno, the band’s lead singer, Mashrou’ Leila was formed in 2008 in Beirut, Lebanon as a music workshop at the American University of Beirut. The band made its first steps in the contemporary Arabic music industry in early 2009 and carried out with a few projects before releasing their album “El Hal Romancy” in 2011. The authentic small band, quickly, attracted the young Arabic audience and marked the underground music scene by tracks like “Imm El Jacket” and “Fasateen”.

Its last released album “Ibn El Leil” allowed the fans to really understand their musical touch. It tries to shed light on the Arab world’s issues. As cited on their facebook official page Mashou' Leila the band explains describing their background «At times quirky and playful, at others bitter and somber, the songs demonstrate the band’s great versatility in dealing with musical form, narrative, and social issues…».

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