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Maritime : A new service linking Morocco to Russia launched by CMA CGM

CMA CGM shipping group has launched a new service between Agadir and Saint Petersburg. It will allow to deliver Moroccan fruits and vegetables to Russia in eight days.

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The worldwide leading shipping group company, CMA CGM, has launched an enhanced and direct service between Morocco and Russia. The newly launched link is expected to improve the delivery of Moroccan fruits and vegetables to Russia. The delays will be reduced and fall to 8 days without any stopover.

The weekly service provided by CMA CGM and its German and Moroccan subsidiaries OPDR and Comanav offers the fastest transit times on the market. The transit is operated in partnership with SEAGO since the 16th of March with 3 x 868 TEU vessels.

A beneficial sea trade trip

The benefits of sea trade transit were commented upon by Taib Aisse, a Moroccan Economist who described this service as «beneficial and fruitful for the national economy». Aisse states that the logistics sector is supposed to be developed in the upcoming years. However, Aisse believes that more national sea trips should be created in order to secure a rapid national transit.

Moreover, Agadir notoriously known for the production and exportation of fruits is, according to Aisse, going to witness high levels of growth because of this new transit.

Beside the newly launched service, CMA CGM maintains two other weekly lines between Morocco ant northern Europe.

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