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A member of the PJD on the dismissal of Benkirane : History is repeating itself

The Moroccan political scene witnessed yesterday the dismissal of the Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane. The King’s decision, published through a royal communiqué, came after Benkirane failed to form a government.

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Reacting to the royal statement, members of the justice and development party will hold a meeting this Thursday. The meeting will be dedicated to studying the palace’s statement.

The dismissed prime minister, spoke this morning to the  British news agency Reuters :

«This is our King and he came to a decision under the framework of the constitution, which I’ve always expressed support for. (...) I’m going to perform ablution, pray, and continue working on the ground.»

In a different statement, Benkirane asked the members of his party to refrain from commenting on the royal communiqué. The dismissed prime minister’s call was published on the justice and development party’s website yesterday. has contacted a militant of the PJD party who didn’t hesitate commenting on the situation :

«A communiqué of the justice and development should be released today. It goes without saying that we have reached a very adventurous level. I hope this ends safely.»

The PJD militant who preferred to remain anonymous claimed that «the negotiations held to form a government were not delayed because of Benkirane’s personal opinions, as the latter represents the whole part. They want Benkirane down, they want to separate us as a party».

Angrily, the same source confirmed that the new candidate «should respect the party’s decisions and political alignment ; otherwise, he shall be asked to form his own government without the justice and development party».

«I hope that the future prime minister would be a faithful member to the vision of the PJD party and would serve the people. In that case solutions will be found. However, if this candidate decides to be a servant of the shadow government under the name of the PJD, he shall be asked to rule without the support of our party», stated the PJD militant.

On the shadow government and the Arab Spring

The member of the Islamist party believes that «the shadow government does not acknowledge the change the Arab Spring has brought to the Moroccan political scene. The recent book of Mohammed Erradi “The Morocco I lived through” is a recount of what happens in Morocco and it is a reference to understand today’s political situation».

The PJD militant emphasized the importance of reconsidering the past events as a way to comprehend the current situation. According to him «Akhannouch and Lachgar did not contribute in the delay of the government formation». The PJD member also added saying : «the Justice and development party will prove that it is serving the people and not the shadow government, and they will not manipulate us. They clearly have not understood our philosophy».

The militant went on with his explanation claiming that «…the Arab Spring is not over» and that the reform of so many important departments in Morocco has just begun.

On the other hand, Abdelaziz Aftati, a former deputy of the justice and development party had a unique comment to the replacement of Benkirane. Contacted by, Aftati replied with a Nass Lghiwan’s song. According to him the song’s lyrics (Essinia) portray Benkirane’s situation that was once lived by many Moroccan politicians namely Abdellah Ibrahim, Balafrej and Allal El Fassi.

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