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Morocco : The benefits and drawbacks of the daylight saving time

Some people find it annoying and disturbing but it is that time of the year when everybody is supposed to turn the clocks forward. Morocco is moving on the 26th of March to the daylight saving time ; a period that has several drawbacks and benefits.

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Suggested by the American scientist and thinker Benjamin Franklin in 1784, the daylight saving is an interesting concept. The latter consists of advancing clocks during spring and summer time by one hour in order to expand sunlight. It is also a way of economizing and making a great use of daylight during the summer and spring seasons.

The daylight saving time as its name suggests, was based on the idea of saving energy. However, making its way to the Moroccan society in 2008, the concept received controversial responses and quickly gained a negative reputation among Moroccans.

But what most of Moroccans do not know is the impact the DST system has on the Moroccan economy. The daylight saving time system reduces the need for lighting and that’s what makes of it efficient. Abdelkhalek Touhami, an Economist, indicated to that Morocco is highly benefiting from the DST. «Morocco, like any other European country, is saving energy and reducing the consumption of electric lighting», Touhami explains. However «it is not only about energy» Touhami claims, «by adding an hour further to the clocks the commercial transactions between Morocco and Europe are not interrupted». In other words the economy of the country depends on the added hours because it is a mediator between Europe and Morocco’s economy.  

One should have enough sleep

Talking about the drawbacks now, Doctor Rajaa Kabbaj a general practitioner told that «every external change can affect the human body and hence negatively cause temporary health issues». Doctor Rajaa pointed out that the human body has a biological clock that can be affected easily by the daytime saving system.

«Sleep disorder is a common condition related to the DST, people have troubles getting enough sleep and find it difficult to adapt to the new system.»

Not being able to sleep can be very dangerous and can lead to many other problems. Doctor Kabbaj states that «DST can reduce the efficiency of sleep, and this by itself, can lead to eating disorders and other heath issues». It is now clear that the manipulation of time can influence the physical and mental health of people, however «the human body can adapt easily and after a few weeks, studies have shown that people learn to get along with the new timing», Doctor Rajaa explained.

Although some of us hate it and might have difficulties adapting to it at first, the daylight saving time is a primordial step. To put it in other words, the economic benefits attached to the concept are most welcomed yet an exhausted worker performance can also create a problem.

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