Abdessamad Belkebir : «Dismissing Benkirane is a political coup against the constitution»

The decision of dismissing Abdelilah Benkirane several months after being appointed by the King has created a huge controversy in the political scene. To analyze the royal decidion that surprised the public opinion, interviewed Abdessamad Belkebir, a university professor and an ex-political militant in the Socialist Union of Popular Forces party. According to Belkebir the dismissal of the general secretary of the PJD contradicts the philosophy of the Moroccan constitution.


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How do you explain the dismissal of Abdelilah Benkirane?

People usually try to hide the truth. The problem is obviously not coming from Benkirane’s side because he is a respected and distinguished personality in Morocco. The problem is bigger than that. It is a wave of disorder that hit the democratic transition. What happened was a total contradiction of the constitutional values. The whole situation was arranged to look like Benkirane failed to negotiate with the other parties. As a matter of fact, no one had the intention of respecting the constitution and resolve the political crisis. The political parties participated in the delay because they refused to form a coalition.

Where is the problem then according to you?

It is not a problem of time as others think. On the contrary it is linked to the classes and groups that are benefiting from the delay. These are the same people who benefited from the reversal of Abdurrahman El Youssoufi's government back in 2002 and Abdellah Ibrahim.

This means one thing, the situation is linked to the democratic transition in the country. These anti-democracy forces, that I consider as anti-modernist and who are gathered in the party of France and Makhzen, are everywhere and they have got power. However the democratic forces are weak and helpless. They are not targeting Benkirane and his party but they want the ensemble of the democratic forces to back down. The same exact thing is happening to the Istiqlal party that has been fought and eliminated from winning the elections. Apparently there is a wicked plan to break through the Justice and Development party and create conflicts between the members. 

Do you believe that the dismissal of Benkirane is backed up and supported by the constitution?

Law and constitution are flexible they can be changed when needed. However, the philosophy of the constitution is about good faith and in this situation everybody is interpreting law in a way that serves their own good.

Do you think that the justice and Development party can still take control of the situation after the royal decision?

I suppose that Abdelilah Benkirane is still in control of the situation. He is well supported by his party, people, the constitution and universal laws also. Those who are trying to put him down will be pushed away. He did not lose his legitimacy. The anti-modernist wave is contradicting itself because it is the one that made Abdelilah Benkirane famous, they have put him on the scene. The anti-modernist flow has put away in the past all of Abderrahman El Youssoufi, Noubir El Amaoui and the left but couldn’t get the rid of Abdelilah Benkirane. This dismissal of Benkirane boosts his popularity.

Looking at this decision, we should analyze the event from a different perspective. At first glance everything sound and look normal but in fact it is not. After the king came back from his tour in Africa things were supposed to get back to normal but suddenly Abdelilah Benkirane who was elected and appointed as prime minister lost his title.

It is an unfair situation that the people couldn’t approve. Benkirane managed to attract people and encouraged them to get back to politics and vote and now we are just ruining it all. This chaotic political events that other countries have witnessed are to visit Morocco. All in all, having a country with no government is questionable.

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