World Happiness Report : Morocco 84th and Africa unhappy

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The 2017 world happiness Report ranks Morocco 84th in the world and 4th in Africa. Supported by the UN, the annual report tracks the happiness of 155 countries based on several features such as education, democracy heath and employment.

While the rest of the world is celebrating the international day of happiness, Africa is ranked as the unhappiest continent on this planet. An annual report released on Monday by the UN has ranked Morocco fourth in a list of the happiest countries in Africa. Algeria first followed by Mauritius and Libya.  

Worldwide, Norway is the world’s happiest country based on the report released today. This latter examines changes in the lives of people under democratic rule and how it affects the quality of life. It also bases its data ranking on good governance and order.

Back to Africa, the report sheds light on the quality of life maintained in the continent and links it to levels of happiness. According to the world happiness report, Africa has “a short history of self-rule” and because of colonization, famine and other problems it is annually ranked as the unhappiest continent in the world.

Talking of unhappiness, central Africa appeared in the bottom of the list given by that the title of the unhappiest country in the world.

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