El Othmani adopts a new plan to form the government

Saadeddine El Othmani, recently named Prime Minister, is meeting tomorrow Tuesday the general secretary Of the Authenticity and Modernity party to initiate talks about the formation of the government. El Othmani is later going to sit with other parties’ representatives including the socialist Union of Popular forces party.

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It was announced this morning on the official website of the Justice and Development party that the elected Prime Minister, Saadeddine El Othmani is going to speak to media about the negotiations held to form the government.

The PJD members had previously sat for a meeting yesterday during which they decided to start consultations with every party that is represented in the parliament.

Contacted by, Mohammed Yatim a member of the PJD claimed that the Prime Minister was supposed to meet the leader of the Authenticity and Modernity party today but the meeting was postponed to Tuesday. «These are just consultations and not negotiations», Yatim explained when asked about Tuesday’s meeting. He also pointed out that El Othmani is willing to meet Ilyas El Omari regardless of the previous conflicts the two parties had in the past.

Saadeddine El Othmani has a new plan for the government formation

Concerning the participation of the Authenticity and Modernity party in the formation of the government, Yatim answerd «only Saadeddine El Othmani has an answer for that question and he is the one who decides on that». On the other hand, Mohammed Yatim declared that «the Party hasn’t decided yet about the negotiation. «The Prime Minister is starting the consultations and he is considering all parties for the moment». «It is early to predict which party is going to be in the opposition, the negotiations will decide», Yatim confirms. asked Abdelali Hamieddine, a PJD militant, about the scheduled meeting between El Othmani and El Omari, he answered : «the elected Prime Minister is open for discussion, which doesn’t mean a participation in the government». «Saadeddine El Othmani has a new fresh strategy that will respect the policy and the principles of the PJD» Hamieddine concluded.

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