Saadeddine El Othmani forms a governing coalition

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Leaders of the coalition parties

Named Prime Minister on the 17th of March, Saadeddine El Othmani managed to form a coalition that includes 6 parties. The recently appointed prime minister announced on Saturday 25th of March in a press conference held in Rabat that the government would include 5 other parties namely RNI, UC, MP, USFP and PPS.

Creating a coalition came after Abdelillah Benkirane leader of the Justice and Development Party and ex-prime minister failed to maintain talks with the other parties and form a government. His inability to fulfill the task caused a five month crisis that affected the country’s economy.

El Othmani, however claimed during that press conference attended by the leaders of the coalition’s parties that he will proceed in forming a government. The Islamist PM also declared that after selecting the coalition’s parties, efforts will be focused on creating a government that will go hand in hand with the people’s expectations and respect the royal discourse.

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