Government : Faced with betrayal PJD militants call for preserving the unity of the party

Saadeddine El Othmani revealed on Saturday 25th of March the list of parties that will take part to the new governing coalition. The Socialist Union of Popular Forces party has made it to the list, thing that pushed many militants from the party to express their dissatisfaction and anger. Leaders of the Islamist party, since then, were forced to call for the unity of the party.

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Unexpectedly, the newly appointed Prime minister has welcomed the Socialist Union of Popular Forces party into the governing coalition that contained 5 more parties. The decision that took place on Saturday and was announced during a press conference has been controversial. Social media was hence a platform for people and also militants of the PJD party that contained their mixed opinions and frustration.

Yatim refers to Ennahda Movement Party to justify the coalition

Faced with those who publicly announced their will to resign from the Justice and Development party ; namely Driss Benrahhou. Several militants of the PJD tried to play the role of firemen after revealing the list of the parties forming the coalition. Mohammed Yatim was one of them, trying to justify El Othmani’s decision to include the USFP. Yatim, former Secretary General of the Moroccan National Labor Union, tried to compare the situation of his party to what happened in Tunisia with the Renaissance party.

Referring to the Islamist Tunisian Party, Yatim was trying to justify the unexpected form that the recent coalition had been given. Ennahda movement is a moderate Islamic political party in Tunisia that came second with 27,79% of the vote in the 2014 Tunisian parliamentary election. The Tunisian party led by Rached Ghannouchi ended up forming a coalition government with the largest secular party Nidaa Tounes. Mohammed Yatim even published on his official page on Facebook an article written by Ghannouchi where he calls forming a coalition with the component party a «supreme interest of the state».   

«Ennahda movement party emerged victorious and united even after they decided to leave the government to ally with Nidaa Tounes. They have become one of the most organized and active parties in Tunisia while other parties were easily torn apart. Tunisa is like Morocco, for they are the land of the thinker Ibn Khaldoun.»

Amina Maelainine : The unity of the party is a red line

According to Amina Maelainin, the Justice and Development party has made «several concessions». «The party has made multiple sacrifices and one of them is welcoming the USFP in the recent governing coalition». Maelainine described  the dismissal of Abdelilah Benkirane as the greatest sacrifice her party has ever made trying to question by that «those who haven't done anything for the country».  

«It must be emphasized that the unity of the party is a red line that should not be crossed, and those who know our party are aware of the fact that the internal debate that is going on these days is quite normal and beneficial. It is normal to react to the situation that shook the party.»

The third reaction was of Abdesalam Balaji, a PJD militant, who invited the members of his party on Facebook to «unite, show support and back the decisions of the National council and the General secretariat». Balaji reminded his counterparts of the «difficult moments» their party had gone through in the past :

«We have survived moments that were even more difficult than what we experience today. Do you remember the 2003 crisis when we couldn’t complete the list of ridings because we couldn’t predict the future of the party. Do you remember the trials and arrests of 2009 and 2011.»

The president of the Moroccan Association for Islamic economics also revealed that «the party always walks out as a winner.» «The current situation seems less difficult ; however, we have to preserve our unity and cohesion. Our enemies are trying to divide us but we must disappoint them», concluded Abdessalam Balaji.

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