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Majda El Roumi and Yasmine Hamdan to perform in the 23d Fez Festival of sacred World Music

Yasmine Hamdan, Majda El Roumi
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The two Lebanese singers namely Majda El Roumi and Yasmine Hamdan will perform in the 23d edition of the Fez Festival of sacred World Music. Hosted between the 12th and the 20th of May the annual festival receives this year a number of musicians and singers from all over the world. They will all gather to celebrate music and praise the authenticity of the imperial city.

Majda El Roumi who is familiar with the Moroccan audience due to her performance two years ago in Mawazine, is scheduled to perform on the last day of the festival. Known for her famous song “Kalimat”, the Lebanese singer will meet her Moroccan fans in the Bab Makina scene.

According to the festival’s website, Yasmine Hamdan who is also Lebanese, will perform on the 17th of May. Former member of the Soapkills band, Yasmine is notorious in the underground scene for her authentic and aspiring music. She has produced a range of music that pays tribute to Arabic music figures like Oum Kalthoum and Mohammed Abdelwahab. The singer’s fans will be delighted to get to hear her new album “Aljamilat”.

The two female singers will contribute to the festival‘s theme of this year, namely "Water and the Sacred".  

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