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The Minister of Interior dismisses Al Hoceima’s governor

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The Minister of Interior presided on Tuesday 28th of March a meeting at the administrative headquarters of Al Hoceima city to investigate the circumstances surrounding the events the city witnessed on Sunday. The meeting was an opportunity to analyze the current situation of the region and discuss its promotion and development strategies.

Minister Mohammed Hassad announced during the meeting the dismissal of the city’s governor Mohammed Al Azhar. He also appointed Mohammed Faouzi, the ministry’s general inspector to manage the region as an interim while waiting for the appointment of a new governor.

On this occasion, Hassad urged officials of the region, the civil society and the elected representatives to engage in a collective mobilization, work on the development of the city and respond to the demands of the people.

The city witnessed on Sunday 26th of March a series of acts of vandalism. Fourteen individuals were arrested by the local authorities after they attempted to stone the police building, burn four police cars, a transportation bus and a privately-owned vehicle.

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