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Morocco : Transavia airline to link Dakhla and Paris

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Transavia airways, the Dutch low-cost airline will launch an 8th line on the 26th of October 2017 linking Paris to Dakhla. According to Air Journal, the airline company will operate from the Sahraouian city. A 737-800 aircraft will link Dakhla to Paris-orly providing 189 places every Thursday.

“The launching of this new service in fall 2017 confirms our desire to make people discover the unknown places and offer our clients trips that are first and foremost experiences”, said Hervé Kozar chief commercial officer at Transavia.

Tickets of the new line will be available in the 19th of April 2018. As for the price, it could be set at 89 Euros TTC. The new service is considered to be very tempting and interesting since no international company makes a stopover in the Sahraouian city. Only Royal Air Maroc counts Dakhla among its destinations.

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