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«The distribution of ministerial posts has not started yet», said El Othmani

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Saadeddine El Othmani confirmed yesterday Wednesday 29th of March that the process of distributing ministerial positions in the upcoming government has not started yet. He declared to media during a PJD general secretariat meeting that «the parties participating in the governmental coalition have not presented suggetions yet». El Othmani indicated that no decision has been taken on how the ministries will be divided the 6 parties. He also said that talks will be held «at the end of this week» to achieve an agreement.

Morocco’s new Prime Minister, succeeded last Saturday 25th of March to form a coalition government with five political parties. The list of the parties that were chosen to participate in the government included the RNI, MP, USFP, UC and PPS.

The parties participating in the coalition government will have to go through the process of allocation. A phase that  is dedicated to the distribution of ministerial posts.

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