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Being queer, Feeling Muslim : A photographic research that portrays the life of gay Muslims

Lia Darjes, German Photographer and producer of Being Queer, Feeling Muslim series./ Ph. achtmagazin
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Published on her official website, Lia Darjes a German, photographer came out with a series of photos that portray the life of homosexual Muslims in several northern countries. The self-employed photographer introduced her photos as «a photographic research about the struggles and joys in life of individuals identifying as Queer and Muslim». Lia visited countries like France, Canada, England and the United States to share the stories of individuals who have been faced with their religious and sexual identity.

The young photographer told CreativeBoom that a number of Muslims in the world «battle against homophobia, as much as they battle against islamophobia and racism.» Lia’s series, Being Queer, Feeling Muslim contains a number of declarations of the people featured in the photos. They are Muslim individuals who learnt to embrace their sexuality and tried to befriend the fact that they are different.

Saadiya from Toronto a Muslim homosexual photographed by Lia explained that «Being queer and Muslim means to me that I can be who God intended me to be. And for me, that is an educated woman, compassionate, caring and loving other people».

Darjes, shed light through her project on the emergence of a new sub community. She brought to the large public how these people see themselves and how they deal with being gay and muslim at the same time.

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