Rabat : “Africa in the Capital” a month-long festival to celebrate the continent

Rabat is hosting a month-long festival to celebrate the return of the kingdom to the African Union.

A visitor taking a picture of a painting by Wahib Chehata at "Africa in the Capital" festival 29th of March 2017 in Rabat./Ph. AFP
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The event entitled “Africa in the Capital” is dedicated to African art and artists. It includes according to a series of expositions, concerts, literary productions and events that will be held in several places in the kingdom’s capital.

“Africa in the Capital” will be hosted by several institutions and cultural establishments namely Mohammed VI Museum, the CDG foundation, Galleries of Bab Kabir and Bab Rouah, and the National Library.

The event that will be held from the 29th of March to the 29th of April, is a cultural tribute to the African continent and an opportunity to celebrate Morocco’s return to the AU organization. The Festival will expose works of known African painters such as the Congolese artist Kouka Ntadi, and the French-Tunisian Wahid Chehata.

Cultural tribute to Africa

“Africa in the Capital” will allow visitors and residents of Rabat to discover the cultural specifics of the continent and embrace the beauty of several contemporary works of art. They will also be able to reconnect with other African societies through beauty and art.

«We wanted to celebrate our Africanity and the return of Morocco to the African Union through the universal language of culture», stated Mehdi Qotbi president of Morocco’s National Foundation of Museums in an article published by the dailymail. Qotbi who is also a painter stressed on the fact that the Festival is trying to focus on contemporary art and «talk about Africa in the present».

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