African Business Connect : A forum to bring African companies together

Maroc Export and BMCE Bank of Africa inaugurate the second edition of "African Business Connect" Forum today in Kigali./DR
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The second edition of the “African Business Connect” forum, organized to promote the “Made in Morocco” in Eastern Africa through commercial events, was launched Monday 3rd of April with the objective of exploring the Rwandan, Tanzanian and Malagasy markets.

Initiated by the governmental agency Maroc Export and BMCE Bank of Africa, this edition represents an opportunity for Moroccan companies to discover a new region with great potential. According to a communiqué released by the organizers, the forum creates a chance for the East African companies to develop bilateral commercial ties and benefit from the expertise and the support of Morocco.

After a successful previous edition which took place in Mali and Senegal in 2015, this event will be attended by a delegation of 100 private and public operators, along with representatives of professional associations and two organizing bodies.

The African Business Connect forum, that aims to boost the development of Moroccan companies, will be organized in terms of three major stages. The first phase will include BtoB meetings in Rwanda-Kigali (3d of April), the second will be held in Tanzania-Dar Es Salam (5th of April) and the last stage will take place in Madagascar-Antananarivo (7th of April).

“African Business Connect” is a concept that was created in 2015 by Maroc Export and BMCE Bank of Africa to expand the scope of Moroccan companies in Africa through BtoB talks and business travel.

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