A new tripartite cooporation between Andalusia, Morocco and Saint-Louis

Saint-Louis, Senegal./DR
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The director of the Andalusian Agency of International Cooperation for Development (Aacid), Nestor Fernandez has attended last week in Tangier the launching of a new tripartite cooperation. This project according to Europa Press will bring together all of Andalusia, Morocco and Senegal.

This cooperation will be created with the help of the Agency for the Promotion and Development of the North (APDN) and the Saint-Louis Regional Development Agency in Senegal (ARD). Relying on the Aacid funding, the cooperation will support the development policies of the Senegalese region and make it profit from APDN’s expertise in this area.

The Andalusian agency along with APDN have developed together during 15 years several projects in the north of Morocco which «participated in the promotion of the living conditions» of the people residing in the region.

This project, which shares the Moroccan and Andalusian experiences with Saint-Louis, targets the reinforcement of the abilities of the ARD. According to a communiqué, the Saint-Louis regional development agency will be able to kick start development plans and promote the region.

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