King Mohammed VI names members of the constitutional court

Newly appointed members of the constitutional court with King Mohammed VI./Ph. MAP
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King Mohammed VI appointed yesterday 4th of April the 12 members of the constitutional court. Said Ihrai, a distinguished man who was appointed back in 2009 chairman of the National commission for the control of personal data (CNDP), is named president of this court. Ihrai replaced Mohamed Acherki, former head of the council.

The king selected five other personalities to be part of the court, including El Hassan Boukantar, member of the USFP, and Mohammed Atarkine from the PAM. The latter, moreover, was part of the constitutional court former team.

The PJD, RNI, Istiqlal and the popular movement party were also represented in the constitutional court new team. On the other hand, only one woman was named member of the constitutional court namely Saadia Belmir.

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