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«Zwaj El Waqt»: Ali’N Production reacts to the controversial documentary

Ali’N Production reacts to the controversial documentary./Ph. Screenshot
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Directed by Laila Marrakchi, the documentary produced by Ali’N and 2M has been very controversial. Being a subject of critics, one of the people participating in the documentary has claimed this week to media that he was paid to say things and deliver false pieces of information during his participation in the episode entitled «Zwaj El Waqt».

In a communiqué reported Friday by Alyaoum 24, Ali’N Production denied «the accusations claiming that one of the actors was paid to play a role». «We would like to stress on the fact that the production of this documentary took place under normal conditions, respecting all the ethical and professional rules», stated the producing company.

Ali’N ensures that the participant reacted in such a way under the pressure since «he received threats after the documentary was broadcasted on Tv». «The piece of information that suggests the participant received 1 000 dirham is false», Ali’N insisted. The company owned by Nabil Ayouch indicates that the objective of the documentary was «to initiate a serious and fruitful debate among Moroccans discussing topics in a calm climate without creation contravention.»

For the record, «Des Histoires et des Hommes» TV program, tackled on sunday the topic of sexual education among youths in Morocco. The product produced by Nabil Ayouch has created a range of questions and received negative responses.

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