Saad Lamjarred : The video that orbits around the lunar star [Editorial]

Right after jail time, Saad Lamjarred quickly made it to our smartphone screens, trying to cultivate his release under house arrest with a strange yet very astounding video.

Poster of Saad Lamjarred's album lm3allem / DR
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As talented as an Actors Studio drama school valedictorian, the Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred released under house arrest and previously jailed at the Fleury-Mérogis prison for “Sexual assault” and “Aggravated rape”, seemed very happy on the day after his release, 13th of April 2017. Following what he has been through, embracing freedom must be a true relief although taking a look at his arrogant triumphant smile is disturbing.

First, there was a teasing and then a few photos that went viral on social media in less than 72 hours ; a smart communication method that was put together to show fans that Saad is back on track just like the old days. The magic trick was performed Saturday 16th of April when a mini-clip was published featuring family reunion images, joyful dances in the streets of Paris accompanied by the tunes of Saad’s notorious song “Ana Machi sahel”. Spooky.

Half-crooner, half-charlie

Discomfort has reached its paroxysm for the singer’s fans through this video. The star screamed with a victorious voice with his friends “end of shooting” in the middle of the clip. Is it a silly joke ? Or dark humor ? Shouting «wrap» in the middle of a movie sounds more like celebrating victory before hearing the judge pronounce the sentence. Saad Lamjarred and his communication team’s move is quite puzzled though.

Absurdity is also present in the video trying to make us laugh yet swallow an implicit message. A sequence includes the prodigal son with his parents sitting on the banks of the Seine River, cuddling in an affectionate way and then standing and dancing their way through the dock. The scene was in black and white with accelerated frames and animated by a slow music mimicking silent films and the era of Charlie Chaplin. Very spooky !  

It is clear that the director of this video rejoiced at the fact that it scored 368,000 views in Youtube and attracted more viewers on Instagram in just a few hours. Here, one should start asking questions about the communication strategy adopted by the young folk which praises his arrogance as a “machi sahel” kind of man who is accused of some creepy deeds.

As we have not eyed the famous “The End“ screen like the mute black and white classical movies, we will have to leave the reader in suspense by saying : To be continued...

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