Royal Mansour in Marrakech : the world’s most discreet hotel according to the BBC2

The world’s most discreet hotel is the title given on Monday to Royal Mansour by a TV show broadcasted on the BBC2. The majestic hotel with its secret lobbies and luxurious decor takes its visitors to a magic and medieval kind of world.

Royal Mansour, the world's most discreet hotel - Marrakech / Ph. Daily Mail

Qualified as the most discreet hotel in the world, Royal Mansour, a medieval sanctuary located in Marrakech was shed light on by the fourth episode of «Amazing Hotels : Life Beyond the Lobby». The TV show broadcasted on the British channel BBC2, focused on the lavishness of the Moroccan hotel and its huge staff. As reported by the Daily Mail, the hosts of the show namely Giles Coren and Monica Galetti were lucky enough to visit the authentic palace and discover its beauty.    

Giles, restaurant critic, and Chef Monica made it to the hotel’s labyrinth, a prestigious maze that brought them to where the magic happens. In an extraordinary adventure the show revealed the «behind the scene» of the services delivered by the hotel’s staff. The British newspaper indicates that the iconic property is owned by King Mohammed VI and constructed by 1500 craftsmen. 

A luxurious sanctuary 

In this palace «privacy is of the utmost importance, with each of the 53 riads boasting three floors where guests can unwind in their own living room, bedrooms and on rooftops that come complete with their own pool and sun loungers», as described by the TV show’s hosts.

Price wise, spending the night at Royal Mansour also means spending more than 70000 dirhams. The hotel opened in 2010 after a three-year construction phase. It is built on a total surface of 1,5 hectare including a one kilometer tunnel. In 2015, Royal Mansour was named Morocco’s most luxurious hotel at the World Luxury Hotel Awards.

The sophisticated service is delivered through the four restaurants installed at the hotel and overseen by Chef Yannick Alleno, a French cook who has been awarded three Michelin stars since 2007.

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