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A Moroccan man set himself on fire in front of a Belgian courthouse

A Moroccan man sets himself on fire in front of a Belgian courthouse./ Ph. Francois Lenoi/ Reuters
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A 38-year-old man of Moroccan descent set himself on fire Tuesday in front of a courthouse in Kortrijk, Belgium, RT reports. A video emerged online of the young man pouring gasoline on his body and setting himself ablaze after being rescued by fire fighters.

Local media has said that the man, who is believed to be called Chafik, posted on social media a statement saying that he was «tired of racism». Jamal Qnioun who is head of the People Help the People organization and member of the Council for Intercultural Coexistence claimed to the same source that he was sent a video from Chafik where he expressed his despair and revealed his intention of killing himself. He also told local media that Chafik sent him another message saying that he would end his life.

The Moroccan man was identified as Chafik Gandhi by several social media posts, while his account on Facebook held the name of Kapsalon Chafik. Qnioun, however, commented on Chafik's video saying that he recently opened a hair salon that was closed after authorities discovered that he was hiring an unregistered employee. Chafik later reopened another salon in the same area and was a subject of multiple inspections.

On the other hand, Belgian police do not reveal the name of the man saying that they couldn't decipher the reasons behind his deed according to a statement reported by RT online newspaper. The man was immediately taken to the hospital after 35 percent of his body got severely burned.

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