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A British woman of Moroccan descent beaten and racially abused in the UK

Safia Sadki was beaten and racially assaulted by two women in the UK./Ph. Simon Renilson
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Safia Sadki, a 23-year-old woman was racially attacked and beaten by two women on Friday night after ordering a Basic English food at a pizza shop.

The young woman told Hull daily mail, that she was at Bella Pizza, a takeaway at the Prestongate area in the city of Hessle England, when two women called her «Dirty skin» and pulled her hair, punched her face after she ordered a Margarita pizza.

«My mum is English and my dad is from Morocco. The men in the takeaway had to hide me behind the counter and when my taxi arrived the two women stood in front of me and started pulling my hair out and dragged me to the ground.»

The British woman of Moroccan descent was forced to stay at the shop for half an hour to avoid the alleged women. When she finally came out the two were waiting for her outside the shop and then attacked her.

«They dragged me to the floor and started kicking me in my ribs and my neck and just punching me. It didn't last too long because people helped get them off me and I managed to jump into the taxi», explained Safia to the British newspaper. She described the two women as chunky and white around their 30s and late 40s. The police who are still searching for the two women told Safia that they found clumps of her hair on the pavement.

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