2017 Global Connectivity Index : Morocco drops three points in rankings compared to 2015

Huawei Global Connectivity Index ranks Morocco 44th among a list of 50 nations. The annual report is a barometer of information that investigates the status of Information and Communication Technology investments in several countries.

Huawei Global Connectivity Index ranks Morocco 44th among a list of 50 nations./Ph. DR
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With a score of 31 points, Morocco is ranked 44th in the Global Connectivity Index that was released on Monday 17th of April. Conducted by Huawei, the annual report investigates the status of ICT infrastructure investments, experience and future potential in the Digital Economy sector. According to the 2017 index, Morocco has dropped in the scale compared to previous years.

The barometer analyzes the use of Information and Communication Technology in 50 nations. It focuses on creating a map that spots the availability of information technology in these countries through computers, software and audio-visual systems which enable users to access, store, transmit and manipulate information. For GCI 2017, Morocco has improved its global connectivity score in Mobile broadband subscriptions and broadband download speed. However, compared to GCI 2015, the Kingdom dropped three ranks thus downgrading to the Starters list.

Morocco a Starter country according to the CCI

On a global scale, the Huawei’s ranking was topped by the United States of America which kept for three years its position leading the Frontrunners group with 77 points. America is followed by Singapore second, Sweden third and Switzerland in the fourth place. The Frontrunner category did not feature any Arab or African country.

As named by the index, the Adopters countries included all of the UAE (18th), Qatar (22nd), Saudi Arabia (29th) and South Africa (31st), these countries were all ranked among others creating by that a category that stands in the middle carrying a medium development rate of the ICT infrastructure development. Morocco, on the other hand, was one of the nations belonging to the last category, Starters, followed by Algeria (45th).

The 2017 GCI shows unequal results, according to the author, the report indicates that there is a great gap between the development rates of the countries examined. Still, Huawei’s fourth publication is a source that provides actionable insights to Digital Economy countries’ connectivity. It is also a reliable means that allows policy-makers to develop their countries and guarantee a sustainable economic growth.

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