Barcelona : two alleged terrorist admit being at Brussels airport during the attack

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Two alleged djihadists admit being at Brussels airport during the attack./Ph. DR

Two alleged djihadists that were arrested earlier this week in Spain in a raid in and around Barcelona admitted on Thursday that they were present in the Brussels airport when the bombs went off. The Spanish authorities claimed, as reported by AFP, that the two men were identified as Mohammed Lamsalak and Youssef Ben Hammou and that they have denied involvement in the terrorist bombing that targeted the airport in March 2016.

A spokes man of the national court said that «they went to Brussels to buy a car». «Investigators are working to determine if the money (intended for the purchase) was used to finance the attack or for any other motive», he added.

The two men were arrested on Thursday 25th of April in Barcelona, along with 5 others as part of an antiterrorism operation against suspected militants believed to be linked to last year’s attack on Brussels’ airport.

The suspects said that «they have visited while in Brussels the cousin of two brothers who blew themselves in the attack», the Spanish authorities reported.

The nationalities of the arrested men haven’t been revealed yet. However, they have been heard by the high court judge Eloy Velasco and the Belgian judge in charge of the Brussel’s attack investigation after being held for two days in custody.

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