Berlin : Moroccan Film Festival to shed light on women

Rock the Casbah, a Moroccan movie directed by Laila Marrakchi./Ph. DR
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The Moroccan Film Festival is now taking place in the Babylon Cinema in Berlin, an authentic location that was refurbished in 1999 after serving for years as a theater. The festival scheduled for the period between 2nd and 7th May is totally dedicated to Moroccan women and the film industry.

The festival’s theme as the title foreshadows will focus on women and the way they are represented in movies. An opportunity to understand the Moroccan cultural dialogue and the struggles women face in a society that doesn’t resemble the German one.

According to DW, the festival will shed light on «movies that feature the stories of women or were directed by female filmmakers - and depict many challenges women face in the country».

The German audience will have the chance starting from today to watch a set of Moroccan movies such as, Rock the Casbah directed by Laila Marrakchi, Rajaa Bent el Mellah a documentary of Abdelilah El Jouahri, Chaibia by Youssef Britel and a number of other films that portray the lives of women in the Kingdom.

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