Royal Air Maroc : The airline company responds to the angry passenger's video

In a video that went viral on the Internet, a Moroccan woman living in Switzerland has been outraged at Royal Air Maroc. The lady claims she was mistreated and lied to by the Moroccan airline company that Yabiladi contacted today for clarifications.

A Moroccan passenger living in Switzerland posted a video complaining about the services of Royal Air Maroc./Ph. DR
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Shouting and complaining while sitting at the office of a clerk at a Royal Air Maroc agency in Rabat, the video of a Moroccan woman living in Switzerland has gone viral on the Internet at the moment it was published. She explained, in the clip which lasts 7 minutes, the reasons why she was so furious at the agency. With a shoe in her hand she stated that she was supposed to fly to Geneva on Friday 5th May at 1 PM with her kids and her sisters but couldn’t since one of her kids' ticket was not registered. 

She explained that she missed her flight as Mohammed VI airport employees wouldn’t let her in and asked her to check with the agency. After a long journey that lasted more than six hours, the woman ended up at the police station in the airport to make a formal complaint against Royal Air Maroc. The young woman was not able to get help as everybody claimed that it was the agency’s fault and that her child’s ticket had not been checked in. 

The Royal Air Maroc client returned the day after on Saturday 6th May to the agency where she purchased the tickets. She was asked there to pay MAD 3,700 as a penalty for missing her flight. After spending more than 3 hours discussing her problem with the woman working at the agency, she went to retrieve her credit card and pay the fine but she got surprised over the fact that the employee left at the moment she got back. 

A different version of the story

The lady on the video blamed Royal Air Maroc for mistreating her, lying to her and making her pay while she had done nothing but follow the instructions. However, a source close to the airline company has claimed the opposite. «The blame is not to be put on Royal Air Maroc because the lady has been aggressive and violent; she even slapped an employee and broke computers», the source explained. 

The lady has been granted free tickets for her and her family and she flew back home Sunday 7th May on 12. 35 PM. «It was partially her fault since she had 4 kids and one of them had to be accompanied by an adult. These are the regulations and she did not respect them. Her husband was supposed to join them but he didn’t», the same source indicates. 

«Royal Air Maroc does not tolerate such behavior. She was physically and verbally aggressive to the airport’s staff and the employees in Rabat’s agency», the source told Yabiladi. The woman in the video published the clip right after receiving her tickets for free and she did not have to pay a penalty for missing her flight. 

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