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Morocco considers nuclear power as a future source of energy

To maintain sustainable development, Morocco is considering Nuclear Power Energy as a source of electricity for its 2030 energy mix plan. With the help of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the Kingdom is evaluating the possibility of this long-term project contributing in the production of nuclear power in Africa.

Nuclear Research Centre of Maamora, Morocco./Ph. CNESTEN
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Morocco might be planning for the use of nuclear power energy as a source of electricity. According to an article published today by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the North African country is studying the possibility of using the technology. Faced with an increasing drop in electricity consumption and challenged by the high cost of importing energy, Morocco is eventually examining this method as an option.

Speaking to the IAEA, Khalid El Mediouni, Director General of the National Centre of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology Techniques (CNESTEN) claimed that : «Morocco’s national energy strategy is considering nuclear power as a long-term alternative to meet the country’s future needs, but no decision has been made so far». «For this purpose, we undertook a global evaluation of these conditions alongside the infrastructure required for a nuclear power project compliant with international standards», El Mediouni who is also Chair of Nuclear Power and Seawater Desalination Committee (CRED) created by the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment in 2009, told the same source.

Developing infrustructure for nuclear energy

Nuclear energy is a reliable energy source since it is not subject to weather or climate conditions and hence a pillar of sustainable development too. The IAEA has developed a plan called the Milestones for maintaining the development and implementation of nuclear infrastructure meant to support a successful and safe production of nuclear energy in the countries that are considering and planning for their first nuclear plants. «Morocco recognizes the importance and the usefulness of the IAEA’s Milestones approach and its associated technical assistance programmes», Khalid El Mediouni stated.

Morocco is also contributing to the implementation of secure, productive and peaceful use of nuclear energy. According to, the kingdom hosted in October 2015 an Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission to discuss the recommendations suggested by the IAEA for a nuclear plant in the country. «Through the integrated work plan, the IAEA continues its valuable assistance for the implementation of the INIR mission recommendations. This supports further progress in Morocco’s nuclear infrastructure development» El Mediouni said to the international organization.

The country on the other hand participated also in helping other African countries consider nuclear power as a source of energy. Morocco is providing IAEA-supported training to African countries in the field of nuclear energy, neutron activation analysis and geochronology research.

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