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Berber poet and singer Sfia Oult telouat passed away

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The song writer and singer, Sfia Oult telouat passed away Wednesday 10th May morning in Imi Nouline in the region of Ouerzazat after being diagnosed with Tuberculosis. The 71-year old artist was sick for three months and had to stay in Ouerzazat and then move to Marrakech for treatment.

Sfia Oult telouat, born Sfia Oumohamed Ouhddou, started her career as a poet and a singer with a group of Ahwach called “Assais”. She then moved to Marrakech where she met a number of distinguished Berber singers such as Mohammed Damssiri and Omar Ouharouch.

Sfia gained popularity in the sixties when her song was broadcasted on the national radio station in 1965. After accumulating experience in the field of music, the Berber artist participated in a range of national and international festivals.

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