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Said Chaou urges Guterres to monitor human rights in the Rif

The «18 September Rif Independent Movement», headed by drug trafficker Said Chaou, sent a message to Antonio Guterres. The body calls for the UN Secretary-General to place the Rif region among the list looked at by the UN Fourth Committee in charge of Special political and Decolonization.

Said Chaou./Ph. DR
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The «18 September Rif Independent Movement», based in the Netherlands, addressed the UN Secretary-General about Al Hoceima’s «Hirak». In a letter sent to Antonio Guterres, the document describes the Moroccan state as an «occupying force» and calls the region’s inhabitants as «the Rifain people».

Contrary to the peaceful protests carried by the leaders of the «Hirak», the 18 September Movement threatens to retaliate against the «repression of the Moroccan occupation». The group sponsored by drug trafficker, Said Chaou, assures Guterres that «the right to self-defense is legitimate and universal».

While insisting that they are «ready for any kind of confrontation until they gain independence» . The Movement did not specify in its letter to the Secretary-General the measures it intends to take to stand up to the Moroccan State.

«The right of self-determination»

Said Chaoui’s friends urge Guterres to send to the Rif a UN mission that would «investigate the crimes committed by the Moroccan regime against the Rifain people», and another one to «assist human rights» violation in the region.

Among the recommendations sent to the Secretary-General, the movement mentions «the right of self-determination» of the Rif. Alongside, submitting the case to the United Nations Fourth Committee of Special political and decolonization.

The «18 September Movement», thanks to its main sponsor, has deployed since the death of Mohcine Fikri some great efforts to internationalize the case. The group is also the backbone of the European Coordination of Solidarity with the Rif, created on May the 20th in Madrid.

The Movement has a certain amount of influence on some groups of the «Hirak». It was the first to call for the demilitarization of the Rif. It was in November, while Nasser Zefzafi and his allies requested it only in January. 

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