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«Hirak» : Important mobilization in Rabat due to the massive participation of Al Adl Wal Ihssane

The manifestation organized yesterday, Sunday 11th of June, in Rabat to support the «Hirak» has allowed Al Adl wal Ihssane movement to show its mobilizing force.

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The march organized Sunday in Rabat to support the «Hirak» movement in Al Hoceima, and which was entitled «Against Hogra and marginalization», was widely attended. Thousands of people took the streets of the capital with the presence of Nasser Zefzafi's parents.

Once again the Islamist group, thanks to the adherence of its disciples, has managed to show a high sense of organization. Only the Soufis of the Zaouia Boutchichia and the PJD and MUR Islamist would have been able to mobilize such an amount of protesters.

Amazigh and Human Rights associations were also present at the march which was also attended by syndicates. The Democratic Labor Organization, an emanation of WFP,  the National Federation of the Agricultural Sector and the National Federation of Education, both close to Annahj Addimocrati party, although they are part of the UMT syndicate, and four associations of lawyers as well as the Left Democratic Federation party which have responded to the appeal launched a few days ago by Al Adl Wal Ihssane.

Al Adl Wal Ihsane was performing better

Nevertheless, the many participating organizations did not have AWI's capacity to mobilize. Almost all sections of AWI were ordered to take part to the protest. A message from Mohamed Abbadi to his followers who were excluded from benefiting from government job opportunities in many Ministerial departments.

The mobilization of this Sunday in Rabat completely contrasts with the moderate participation of the Jamaâ in the marches of the Movement of 20th of February during the «Arab Spring». Back in the time, Al Adl Wal Ihssane had allowed part of its young members to take the streets. Just after the victory of the PJD in the legislative elections of the 25th of November in 2011, an order emanating from Abdeslam Yassin, their now-deceased leader, has put an end to the experience.

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