Grenfell tower youngest victim is a Moroccan six-month old toddler

Leena Belkadi who used to live with he family in the 20th floor of the Grenfell tower was found dead in her mother’s arms. The Moroccan Leena hence is the youngest Grenfell tower victim.


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Farah Hamdan and daughter Leena Belkadi who were found dead in the Grenfell tower./Ph. DR

Leena Belkadi, a Moroccan six-month-old toddler was found dead in the arms of her mother Farah Hamdan 31 years old in a stairwell between the 20th and 19th floor of the Grenfell building. According to an article published on Metro.Uk, Leena Belkadi, Farah Hamdan, Omar Belkadi 32 years old were confirmed dead while daughters Malek six years old and Tazmin eight-years old were found alive on the 20th floor and later sent to the hospital.

Adel Chaoui, their mother’s cousin declared to the Telegraph that the girls were hospitalized stating that : «We have a six and an eight-year-old - one is traumatised and the other is in a coma. When she went into hospital she was just screaming». After spending days in the hospital Malek passed away as Tazmine «became the sole survivor of her family», Metro.UK reports.

Speaking to the Kingdom’s Consul General, Abderrahim Beyyoud, in London, the senior official confirmed to Yabiladi that indeed Belkadi’s family is originally from Morocco. «The mother Farah hamdan, her husband and their daughters are Moroccans», Mr Beyyoud indicated adding that «the mother alongside her daughters were buried in an Islamic cemetery in London». Regarding their father Omar Belkadi who also died in the blaze, Morocco’s Consul General stated that he «will be buried this afternoon in Larach, Morocco».

Moroccan victims

80 people were killed in the blaze that broke off on Tuesday 13th of June in the 24-storey building in West London. The fire is one of the most tragic incidents that hit the British city. According to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation 7 Moroccan nationals were killed in the Grenfell tower.

Omar Belkadi and his wife Farah HamdanOmar Belkadi and his wife Farah Hamdan

The indentified Moroccan victims are the Wahabi family who was trapped and killed in the blaze in London after being told by firefighters to stay in their apartment lock the door wet the floor and wait for help. Abdul Aziz El Wahabi, 52, his wife Fouzia El Wahabi, 42, and their three children, Yasin 21, Nur Huda, 15, and Mehdi, 8 were all dead.

Another Moroccan victim is Khadija Khalloufi a British citizen with Moroccan descent who was found dead outside the building after being lost for days. Khalloufi's body (52) was identified by the police on the 17th of June as she was found dead in the grass just 50ft away from the burning tower around 6am.

Tazmin BelkadiTazmin Belkadi

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